Hey Subscriber of Baracksdubs!
Thanks for clicking over here to help me out! These questions will help me understand what you guys want for Baracksdubs down the road. I've got big plans for 2016 and beyond, but from now on I want you to help me be part of the channel's future. This'll take about 5 minutes. Let's go!
To start, how did you first hear about Baracksdubs?

Nice! And how many of my videos would you say you've watched?

For all of these questions, answer as honestly as your remember.

Are you subscribed to Baracksdubs?

Like I said, be honest :)
Thanks for being awesome. How long have you been a subscriber?

Oh? Why not?

How many YouTube channels would you say you are subscribed to in total?

Doesn't matter if you watch them or not, just think of how many you are subscribed to.

{{answer_18113440}}? Of those channels, how many different channels have you watched videos from in the last week?

Of all those channels you watch regularly, where does Baracksdubs rank?

1 being one of the top channels, and 10 being one of the worst channels
Now I'm gonna ask you about the videos on Baracksdubs and the future of the channel.

If you had to choose one word as the reason you love the channel, what would that be?

What should happen after 2016?

Would you still like Baracksdubs without Barack Obama being part of the channel?

In your own words, how could the dubs be better?

In your own words, what kinds of videos are missing from the channel?

Now, the super interesting part. I want to be more involved with my fans, but I wonder if/how you want to be involved with Baracksdubs.

How involved do you want to be with Baracksdubs?

Think out loud. What kinds of experiences do you want to have with Baracksdubs?

Go crazy. Seriously. Brainstorm like you never have. No idea is crazy, and this is the part that I'm reading most closely.
Have you wanted to have a deeper experience from other YouTubers you're a fan of?

Do you feel like you've gotten that experience from those YouTubers you're a fan of?

Have you ever paid money to support your favorite content creators?


Why not?

Would you ever pay to support Baracksdubs?

For real? :) Why?

What if you got something in return?

Hey, no problem, the videos are always going to be free! That said, why wouldn't you pay to support the channel?

Thanks for going through all of this. I just have a few more questions to get to know people like you who answer these questions.

To start, what's your first name?

Totally optional! However, I want to be able to thank you down the road if this leads to something big.
And your last name?

Still optional!
How old are you?

What country are you from?

How often do you read email?

Regardless of how you answered the last question: Later this year, I'm thinking of having an email list for top fans of Baracksdubs so I can connect with them. Would you be interested in being a part of this if it existed?

Final Question. Why do you like being a fan of something?

You can answer this in general, or in terms of Baracksdubs.
Thank you {{answer_18113466}}, for being so awesome and answering all these questions. I'm going to use all your answers to craft the next phase of Baracksdubs and hopefully make it a channel that you enjoy even more than you already do. If you know a subscriber who should answer these questions too, please link them or use the share buttons below.

I love you back!