We want to get to know you better!
It's me again, your friendly Userlane Robot! Since we receive hundreds of applications per month with perfect CVs and shiny pictures, the team sent me on a mission to cut through the BS ;) and to get to know you better. So let's go:
Let's go!
Can you tell me your name again? *

So {{answer_Rl1E9t4JISSV}}, how did you hear about us? *

Sell the Userlane Technology the team, {{answer_Rl1E9t4JISSV}} *

What is the solution that Userlane provides, sell it back to me as if I were a client.
Where do you currently live? Do you have a place in Munich to stay? *

We are a Munich based company. So in order to work with us you need to live and breath in Munich. Is this possible for you?
If you could choose {{answer_Rl1E9t4JISSV}}, what would you ideally like to do at your job? *

Name two software products or services that you couldn't live without in your professional work and explain why *

There are no right or wrong tools to be listed here, it is about your working style and your explanation!
When would you be available to join the team? *

If you have any expectations regarding your salary, this is the time & place *

Which drug is the Userlane team addicted to? *

Psst, it's something to eat…
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