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1. What's a PRO+ account?

A PRO+ account lets you view and edit typeforms with your team.

Everyone on your team can use all our features, and build the best typeforms together.
This is you and your team.

You're the big in the one in the middle. The oracle. The master. Everyone has their own accounts.
You can invite your team members to specific Workspaces to collaborate with you on typeforms.

This lets you manage access to multiple Workspaces with multiple Typeform users.

Your typeforms live in Workspaces, and members of your team will only have access to the Workspaces you've invited them to. Everything in it’s right place!
Want to learn how to set up your account?

2. Set up your account.

In order to set up your account follow these three easy steps:

Step 1. Create Workspaces

Workspaces let you organize your typeforms like folders.

From creating workflows, to separating departments, workspaces help you group typeforms and control access.
To create a new Workspace:

1. Click on the grid button to open the Workspace menu
2. Click + Add new Workspace
3. Name your Workspace
4. Click Save
Step 2. Invite team members.

Add team members to Workspaces to work on typeforms together.

You can both create, edit, and view results for typeforms without sharing your email and password with them.
How to add a team member.

1. Go to the Workspace you want to share
2. Click Add users to this Workspace 
3. Enter the user’s email and click Invite
As an account holder, you can access all your Workspaces.
However, your team members will only have access to the Workspaces you’ve invited them to.

Workspaces that are shared show a team icon
Step 3. Manage your PRO+ team.

If you want to modify your team or remove team members from a Workspace...

A) Remove team members from a Workspace:

1. Go to the Workspace you've shared with them
2. Click the minus sign next to their name and email

→ Users removed from your Workspaces will still be in your team.
B) Remove members from your Team:

1.  Click on the dropdown button in the top-right corner of your dashboard
2. Click Manage my team
3. Click the minus sign next to the team member's name

→ You’ll now be able to fill their seat with someone else.
Want to learn how to build a typeform?

3. Build a typeform.

How would you like to learn to build a typeform?

The Build Panel: Getting started...

The Design Panel: Your typeform's look & feel...

Choose colors, change fonts, and add a background image. Typeforms with custom design are more engaging and get better response rates.

The Configure Panel: Make your typeform smarter...

Change the way your typeform appears in search engines and social media, integrate it with your favourite tools, set up notifications, and fine tune your customizations. Yup, your typeform is smart :)

The Share Panel: Your typeform was made to be shared. Share your typeform and watch the results roll in!

Get your unique link, share directly to social media, or grab your embed code to open your typeform as a drawer, a popup, or to fully integrate it into your own website. Typeforms are sociable creatures.

The Analyze Panel: Where all the answers will be revealed...

See a quick overview of your statsistics, download a CSV of all results, add Google Analytics tracking, or grab your sharable report link. This is where you see all the fruits of your labor :)

Handy shortcuts: Duplicate and move typeforms.

If you mouse over a typeform, you will see 4 buttons:
Preview, Metrics, Duplicate, and Delete.

By duplicating a typeform, a replica will be created, with fresh Configure and Analyze panels (notification settings, results, and metrics will not be copied to the new typeform).

Move a typeform between Workspaces.
Click on the grid button in the top left corner to open the Workspaces menu.

1. Mouse over the Workspace of the typeform you want to move and click the Move icon
2. Select the typeform you want to move
3. Select the destination Workspace and click Move
Want to meet our team?

My first typeform:

Handy shortcuts: Duplicate and move typeforms.

If you mouse over a typeform, you will see 4 buttons:
Preview, Metrics, Duplicate and Delete.

By duplicating a typeform, a new replica will be created, with a brand new Configure and Analyze section (notification configurations, results and metrics will not be copied to the new typeform).

Move a typeform between Workspaces (give it a new home)
Click on the grid button in the top left corner to open the Workspaces manager.

1. Mouse over the workspace name to see the Move button 
2. Select the typeform you want to move
3. Select the destination Workspace and click on Move
Want to meet our team?

4. Meet the Account Management team!


You're about to get to know the most amazing account management team ever. Are you sure you want to proceed?

Meet Marta, Cristina and Katie.

Marta is from Barcelona, she loves swimming, cooking and cats. She’ll be happy to share a recipe with you!
Cristina is half Cuban half Greek and and is 100% embarrassed about how she got ‘hooked’ during a fishing trip as a child...ask her about it :)
Katie is from London and enjoys practising her Spanish and travelling to new places! Feel free to quiz her ;)
What we're here for:

Your Account Manager is here to give you insight and advice when you’re trying to turn your ideas into a typeform!

If you want to bounce an idea around, need inspiration for your next project, or just want us to show you the ropes of Typeform, drop us a line!
Want to know some best practices?

5. Best Practices.

Here are 6 tips to awesome typeforming:

Your respondent’s time is precious, so make sure you keep your typeforms short and to the point.

Get some Branding Guidelines and Tips!

Add a personal touch!

Use Piping to ask your questions in a more human-like way, making your typeforms more personalized and engaging for your respondents.
Be conversational. Write as if you're talking to someone in real life.

- Make it flow. Your questions should sound normal if you read them one after another.
- Ask a few people to proof your typeform and point out any questions that aren't clear. 
- Make your respondents comfortable. Explain why you've picked them, and how they'll benefit.
Automate manual tasks and take action on feedback.

Need some help?

Help me!

How can we help?

Here you'll find some ideas of how to use Typeform

A. Check out our blog .

Here you'll find guides, inside stories, inspiration, and real-life use cases of how other businesses use Typeform.

B. Real-life examples.

Check out the Inspiration section of our Help Center.

Here you'll find ideas to use typeform for optimizing your business.

C. Ideas for agencies.

Check out our article on running an agency with Typeform.

D. Workspaces suggestions.

Take a look at our article about Workspaces by department.

Our Help Center should be your first port of call. If you haven’t found an answer, our support team is only one email away!

Help Center: https://www.typeform.com/help/
In case you want to talk about your next typeform or want to know how to work a typeform into your workflow, you can always rely on your Account Manager to help you out.
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